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#1636: Journal Entry storage / sharing via USB stick doesn't work
    Reporter:  martin.langhoff            |          Owner:  alsroot                    
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Comment(by martin.langhoff):

 By all means, bring it back to the ml -- I did open a thread on this topic
 a while ago, and it died. Look for 'User workflow sharing "Journal
 Entries" over USB sticks'

 Some points however:

 1 - Any kind of Sugar bundle fails in a major requirement: interop with
 the rest of the world. As implemented in these patches, a file from
 Write.xo gets saved on the external media with the conventional extension
 (rtf? doc?). Image files are saved as PNGs.

 This allows editing on a 3rd party machine that may not be running Sugar.
 PNGs and RTFs are editable just fine in a number of standard non-Sugar
 editing programs.

 This argument convincingly shot down my JEB proposal which is similar to
 what you propose. The full discussion of various pros and cons at

 2 - This is an important regression in 0.84 and we (OLPC) cannot hit the
 field in major deployments like Uruguay where users are _very_ used to
 this workflow.

 Some key workflows/"usage idioms" get quickly ingrained into users. This
 is one of them.

 3 - This is tangled with another related issue: in large deployments like
 Uy, Sugar 0.84 needs to be able to read USB disks with 0.82 "files". More
 details at http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/9658 (note! this is different from
 the other bug linked)

 Hope to have the patch for that cooked soon. Will open a ticket for it.

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