[Bugs] #1622 UNSP: 3G (GSM) Modem Support

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Thu Dec 24 09:04:15 EST 2009

#1622: 3G (GSM) Modem Support
    Reporter:  tch                        |          Owner:  tch                
        Type:  enhancement                |         Status:  new                
    Priority:  Unspecified by Maintainer  |      Milestone:  0.88               
   Component:  sugar                      |        Version:  0.86.x             
    Severity:  Unspecified                |       Keywords:  3G GSM modem usb r!
Distribution:  Ubuntu                     |   Status_field:  Unconfirmed        

Comment(by tomeu):

 Replying to [comment:6 tch]:
 >     + self._palette = GsmPalette?()
 >     Not really big deal, but would be better to create the palette
 lazily on a create_palette() method, so we reduce memory usage. Grep the
 code for examples.
 > I dont think it is necessary since GsmDeviceView is only created when
 its needed, so GsmPalette().

 GsmDeviceView will be instantiated only when needed, but right now we'll
 have also an instance of GsmPalette even when it is not needed. It's not
 only one class instance, it also beings lots of other objects, I'd say a
 few dozens. At some point we should move all palettes to be created
 lazily, given that instantiating them is fast but cost quite a bit of
 memory. I'm saying this because I have profiled memory usage and palettes
 cost a significant amount of memory.

 >     + self.client = gconf.client_get_default()
 >     Why public?
 > Should i use a gconf.client_get_default() for every set/get?

 If it's only used internally, should be named self._client. About creating
 an instance every time or not, I would leave it at your preference.

 >     That's all, excellent first patch, congratulations! Hope we push it
 > Thanks, please check the last patch to see the changes

 Thanks to you, this is almost ready to go in.

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