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#1611: Translation hookup needed for several activities
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Changes (by cjl):

 * cc: cjl (added)


 It is certainly fair to say that the documentation on the localization
 process needs improvement.  In particular, for the developer audience, we
 could use a recipe for the steps needed to get the activity they maintain
 set up for localization.

 Initial set-up steps that bemasc (or any activity maintainer) should take.

 1) bemasc should generate the POT file and place it in a "po" directory in
 the git repo.

 See Paint(Oficina) Source Tree as an example of a Honey activity set up
 for L10n.  Notice the po directory and the contents thereof, one of which
 is a .pot file


 2) bemasc should add user pootle as a committer on the activity's project
 in git.  pootle is the username for the pootle server through which
 individual language admins can commit their specific language PO files in
 Pootle and cause the pootle server to commit translations (the language
 specific .po files into the po directory) in git.

 There are additional steps needed for these activities to appear in the
 Honey project on the Pootle server (black magic that Sayamindu performs to
 make the Pootle-repo push work), but these two steps by the activity
 maintainer need to happen first.

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