[ASLO] Idea of a "Quiz" based activity

Rahul Bothra f2016015 at pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in
Sun Jun 10 08:23:21 EDT 2018

Hi everyone,

I had an idea of a quiz based activity which can be used for conducting
quizzes/evaluative components by teachers.

A user (teacher) can create a quiz in the activity, by adding
question-answer pairs, save the quiz, and share it with the students.
(Questions can be objective or short subjective.)

Users (students) can load the copy of the quiz in the activity and attempt
the quiz.
Students can then store the attempted copy of the quiz and share it with
the teacher, who can then evaluate the same

While I am not working on it at the moment, please share your feedback on
the following:
1. Does any such activity already exists? (I couldn't find any on ASLO)
2. Do we have sugar users who _might_ find such an activity useful ?
3. Any improvements/ feature suggestions

Thanks and regards
Rahul Bothra (Pro-Panda)
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