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Alan Jhonn Aguiar Schwyn alanjas at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 3 16:10:17 EST 2013

>  I got traces saying that locale files were missing. Mysteriously these messages went away when I ran git commit -a
When you execute the dist_xo the bundlebuilder makes a: 
git ls-files

If the .po not are tracked, it no returns that files.

> all ran ./setup.py dist_xo with no problem.
In the command you don't see nothing, but the bundle is no correct made.
Make this:
-download your activity:  http://download.sugarlabs.org/activities/4039/view_slides-14.xo-rename it from .xo to .zip-open (don't extract, only open with archive manager or similar)-go to locale folder and check any language, for example, en (english)
you must see duplicated files:
LC_MESSAGES    org.laptop.ViewSlidesActivity.mo    org.laptop.ViewSlidesActivity.moactivity.linfoactivity.info
No have sense have big bundles with duplicated files unnecessary.
This issue let me guess that you make dist_xo outside of the git folder, it's that true?

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In the Activities that Aneesh did GTK3 updates for I have a problem running setup.py dist_xo.  I got traces saying that locale files were missing. Mysteriously these messages went away when I ran git commit -a.  I didn't know what to make of it at the time.

The two Activities where I did not update to GTK3, but merely fixed up activity.info, deleted MANIFEST, and updated the bundlebuilder import in setup.py, all ran ./setup.py dist_xo with no problem.

James Simmons

On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 2:08 PM, Alan Jhonn Aguiar Schwyn <alanjas at hotmail.com> wrote:

This is what I want to say days ago: there are a problem with bundlebuilder!!
See the locale folder of this: http://download.sugarlabs.org/activities/4039/view_slides-14.xo

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> Activity View Slides-14 have been retained in the sandbox by a Sugar Labs Activities editor.

> Review Information:
> Reviewer: Alan Aguiar
> Comments: This activity have the problem that I send days ago: duplicated .mo and .linfo files.
> If you have questions about this review, please answer to this e-mail or join #sugar on chat.freenode.net.

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