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I forgot [1]

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> >and (6) the elephant in the room: Java. It makes the bundle quite large.
> Yes, it is the same problem with the geogebra activity. I'll look if
> it is possible to reduce the size of the jre

Java activities should not have the Java rountime....Exist an activity Java [1] that allows have a common space withothers activities that uses the JRE.
All activities of Java must use it! If you install Geogebra, or JPecesyou are wasting space in the XO with copies of the JRE.
If you remove the JRE from you build, and in the notice say: thisactivity needs this one [1] your bundle reduces the sizefrom 37.1 mb to 1.3 mb !!!
The change in the activity: modify the path with the another source ofthe JRE:
For Geogebra, I need make another thread..

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