[ASLO] [SANDBOX] JPeces (Tangram Game)-1

Innocent De Marchi tangram.peces at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 13:13:38 EDT 2012

Hi Walter,

I'm glad that you have reviewed my activity. I have worked with the
problems that presents.

> Review Information:
> Reviewer: Walter Bender
> Comments: A few comments: (1) there is already a tanagram activity. What is the >advantage of this one?

Well, I think that there are some:
- 39 types of tangram and more than 18,000 figures.
- You can create new figures and share them with others.
- There are several levels of difficulty.
- The figures are classified by their difficulty.
- There is a scoring system.
- Competitions can be generated.
- It is an active program: joining News continuously. Gcompris tangram
is not an original programme: It's a clone of the program
http://gtans.sourceforge.net/. It is a program that is no longer
maintained and not evolving.

>(2) the program does not scale properly on an 800x600 screen;


> (3) no Sugar toolbars; (4) no Sugar journal entry;

Well, this still does not know if it has a solution. I have seen that
there is an activity of Geogebra: I thought that the mine is in the
same conditions. Is this a major problem?

>(5) icon does not conform to standards;

I think this is fixed (...I have not found documentation about the
standard of the icons).

>and (6) the elephant in the room: Java. It makes the bundle quite large.

Yes, it is the same problem with the geogebra activity. I'll look if
it is possible to reduce the size of the jre

I've uploaded the version 2 of the activity. I hope that it will be improved!


I. De Marchi

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