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Marcos Orfila morfila at marcosorfila.com
Mon May 10 11:10:29 EDT 2010

If people can download the experimental activities w/o logging in (just
enabling the check box for experimental), then it's Ok for me.

Thank you,


2010/5/10 Aleksey Lim <alsroot at member.fsf.org>

> On Sun, May 09, 2010 at 05:24:34PM -0300, Marcos Orfila wrote:
> > Thank you Aleksey.
> >
> > I have created MathGraph32 activity, so please delete MathGraph activity.
> done
> > For the future ".xo" bundle format, I would suggest the possibility of
> > having symbolic links. If we have to provide binaries for several
> platforms
> > (e.g. x86 and x86_64), it's better to use symbolic links to share
> platform
> > independent data for the different binary sets. Currently, we need to
> > duplicate all the application data when shipping multiplatform activities
> > that include binaries.
> 0install is a full featured packaging system e.g. package MathGraph
> could have several sub-packages, one for data and per arch sub-packages
> thus users won't fetch the same data.
> You can learn more about 0install on http://0install.net/.
> > Either the MathGraph32 activity and the Java activity will work in Dugar
> > versions 0.82 and 0.84. The interaction with Sugar is pretty basic and
> XO-1
> > will continue to be x86 platform, so I believe there won't be any problem
> > with that.
> btw there are plans to witch to ARM (but not sure how real they are). And
> the major my concern, sugar is not OS for XO, it would be pretty useless
> if sugar is tied only to XO laptops.
> > MathGraph32 is also available on CeibalJAM web site (
> > http://activities.ceibaljam.org). The idea of having MathGraph32 and the
> > Java activity in SugarLabs is to make it available to more OLPC
> deployments.
> > If it stays not public, nobody will find it. Please consider having these
> > activities public for the sake of the community benefit.
> But users can search not public activities, afaik there are only two
> special thing regarding experimental activities:
> * users needs to enable check box to see experimental activities in
>  several listings (but search works as is)
> * user has to be logged in to download experimental activities
> Do you think about other disadvantages? Will experimental activities
> useful from your (and CeibalJAM) POV if any user can download them w/o
> logging in?
> --
> Aleksey
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