[ASLO] [REQUEST] MathGraph-1

Aleksey Lim alsroot at member.fsf.org
Fri May 7 13:26:33 EDT 2010

On Fri, May 07, 2010 at 10:57:23AM -0300, Marcos Orfila wrote:
> Hi Aleksey, how are you?

Struggling against .xo bundle format :)

A bit out off topic:

As you can see .xo bundle format is not designed to handle non-python
activities. Activities should be all time fully bundled. It doesn't work
in case of blobs (blobs should be for all supported platforms) and in
case of dependencies between activities, like MathGraph requires Java
activity. Unfortunately, ASLO inherited the same issue.

> For the x86 binaries:
> We can change the compatible Sugar versions to 0.82 to state clearly that
> this activity is meant for the OLPC XO-1. XO-1 laptops don't have much disk
> space, so I believe it's important to keep bundles as small as possible, and
> that's why I always use x86 binaries only. If SugarLabs is the successor of
> the laptop.org activities repository [1], then there should be a special
> consideration for OLPC XO-1 for the reasons I've mentioned.

But next OLPC release will be 0.84 based thus this workaround won't work.

> For the JRE:
> I'm not shipping JRE to make the activity as small as possible, but there's
> the Java activity, which can be downloaded separately.

But that will mean that MathGraph could not start in some cases.

> Also, I've been mentioned that there's the software that I've sugarized is
> called in fact "MathGraph32", since there's another software called
> "MathGraph". Is it possible to change the project name? I'll change the
> boundle, so if you can delete the currently uploaded bundle, I can upload
> the new one.

You can change project name at any time
but if you changed bundle_id for your activity, you'll have to recreate
it on ASLO(and ask on aslo@ to delete old one). You can also delete any
bundle from

> Regards and thank you for your time,

So, what about having MathGraph not public :)

BTW I'm not trying to dodge this issue, I'm working (earlier stage)
on different scheme of activity deployment

>      Marcos
> [1] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activities/all
> 2010/5/7 Sugar Labs Activities <activities at sugarlabs.org>
> > A Sugar Labs Activities Editor requested further information from you
> > regarding version 1 of your activity MathGraph.
> >
> > Aleksey Lim wrote:
> >
> > "Bundle contain only x86 binaries , but all public activities also work on,
> > at least, x86_64. Also it depends on jre but it is not part of Sugar
> > Platform, all such activities bundle their dependencies to .xo, but it
> > sounds pretty useless in case of jre, unfortunately there is no other method
> > for public activities on ASLO.
> > "
> >
> >
> > Please reply to this e-mail or join #sugar on chat.freenode.net.
> >
> > Sugar Labs Activities
> > http://activities.sugarlabs.org
> >
> >

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